The BPM industry continues to grow, responding to the strong need for more robust solutions.

Fiscale Ltd is a tax advisory company specializing in helping businesses capitalize on the benefits of the Government’s R&D Tax Credits Legislation.

The CRM industry is a mature market with plenty of CRM vendors to choose from.

Katherine Kostereva states organizations must accelerate IT implementation, adoption, alignment, and change stages.

Citizen developers present a great opportunity for organizations to address their application development skills gap.

The world is accelerating at record pace, and change has become the new normal. To become and remain successful in such a fluid environment, organizations have to cope with these changes. Being the lynchpin in networks that create turnover, sales and marketing teams should be at the center of innovation and change. And for these departments to drive results and deliver meaningful value to customers in the digital age, they have to be perfectly aligned and operate as a single mechanism.

AI claims to solve problems and provide benefits for businesses.

Many leaders find themselves in a painful and challenging situation when executing digital transformation initiatives. On one hand, ever-growing customer expectations and market pace force companies to move faster while on the other, the complexity of the technology environment burden/hurdle organizations to swiftly implement necessary changes. By utilizing intelligent low-code technology, organizations can transform and innovate faster generating new growth opportunities and gaining a significant competitive advantage.

Selling has evolved enormously in the past decades, transforming to a new level of innovative art. While 80% of sales reps think they are good at qualifying opportunities, still 51% of forecasted deals do not close. With today’s demanding and digitally empowered buyers, sales pros have to be innovative in applying new approaches to find the best way to achieve sales excellence and deliver exceptional and meaningful customer experience. Download our eBook and explore 7 productivity hacks that every sales pro should follow to achieve better results and help their organization grow faster.

Bpm'online has been positioned as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™.

With digitally native customers, digital transformation becomes a central component of long-term business strategy.

Surviving and thriving in the age of the customer and digital economy means improving organizational performance and efficiency. 

The AI solutions market is estimated to reach $153 billion by 2020 offering a plenty of opportunities.  As a result, an increasing number of financial institutions are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better serve their customers and increase their business growth. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence enables financial institutions to spot nonstandard behavior patterns when auditing financial transactions or to assess and analyze thousands of pages of tax changes.

Marketers are becoming highly dependent on digital tools to collect customer data and reach demand generation excellence.

AI and ML are the means to injecting intelligence into sales processes and testing BPM capabilities to their limits.

Bpm'online has been positioned as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, Q4 2016 by Forrester Research. Recognition as a Leader in this prestigious CRM evaluation was preceded by bpm’online’s significant investment into innovation and continuous enhancement of its products to serve the evolving needs of global business.

Bpm'online nnounces a real-life ROI case study on how a process-driven CRM software can boost ROI up to 271% within 4 months. 

Today, many organizations are put-off from moving from their cumbersome legacy system to next-gen cloud SFA solutions.
77% of businesses state that digital transformation is their first strategic priority. However, digital transformation is the ultimate challenge for the majority of modern businesses. Throughout 2017, insufficient business process management (BPM) will prevent 80% of organizations from achieving the desired outcomes of their digital business strategies. Download this eBook and learn how to master digital transformation with CRM powered by BPM technology.

Bpm’online has been included in the September 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management based.

Bpm'online has been included in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, 2016.

Digital revolution transforms the way companies do business, add value and engage with their customers.

The studies have shown that 67% of sales reps don't attain their individual quota. Selling has evolved enormously in the past decades, transforming to a new level of art and science. In order to succeed and increase revenue, you have to use innovative technology built to add intelligence to the key sales activities. Download our eBook and explore the best tips to help sales reps make the most of their pipelines adding intelligence to their sales force automation.

CRM buyer’s guide

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Studies show that 70% of high-performing companies are using a business process management platform to handle their processes. However, when one looks more closely it becomes apparent that 43% of companies do not use their CRM potential to its max. Download this guide to learn how to choose a CRM system that perfectly fits your organization.

Bpm’online is widening its horizons and expanding its global presence by opening a new office in Canberra, Australia. The new office will serve as a hub for new business development as well as provide opportunities for enhanced and personalized customer relations with bpm’online’s clients in the Australia and Oceania region.

Business process agility for your business

Best practices
Recent studies predict that by 2017 about 70% of successful digital business models will rely on dynamic processes.

Bpm'online CRM product line major update

Product overview
New milestones in BPM engine evolution, as well as new tools for marketing, sales and service automation available in bpm’online 7.7.
Bpm’online has invited Paul Greenberg to share his expert perspective on the values of aligning marketing, sales and service teams.

Process-driven CRM vs traditional CRM

Best practices
Bpm’online in alliance with our trusted partner BrainSell, invite you to join the CRM best practice webinar.
Rebecca Wettemann shares her expert perspective on the values of the process-focused approach to CRM during the one-hour webinar.
Bpm’online has been included in the Gartner CRM Customer Engagement Center Magic Quadrant, 2015. Gartner analysts evaluate providers on the quality and efficacy of the processes, systems, methods or procedures that enable IT provider performance to be competitive, efficient and effective, and to positively impact revenue, retention and reputation.

The cloud era is here! In just a few years our world has changed. Cloud and Everything-as-a-service economy has disrupted the traditional IT and business services industry. So what does this mean for a software business? Nowadays, the line between software vendors and service providers has blurred, while end users have become more concentrated on how they interact with solutions and those capabilities that would allow them to do their job more effectively. The adoption of SaaS meets and increases buyer’s conviction that flexibility is at the core of the service provider proposition.

The concept of “gamification” has been around for a while and continues to gain traction in the business world.

Process-driven CRM is a term used to describe the blending of CRM and BPM technology.

Merging BPM & CRM

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Paul Greenberg, CRM industry influencer, speaks about the benefits of merging BPM & CRM.

Digital revolution & technologies

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Learn how Digital Revolution impacted business and what is the role of customer management technologies in the Digital Era.

Using the right software can help change the way a company does business and facilitate work practices.

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